We embark on a mass production of agricultural goods such as cash crops as well as food crops and export bulk quantities of such produce for foreign exchange earnings

Growing of Cash Crops

We are involved in massive production of majority of our cash crops with superior supply chain visibility we can offer increasing traceability right back to the farming community or farm. We work with communities to grow and protect trees because they keep land fertile and help crops to thrive. This gives people stable supplies of food in the face of the climate crisis.

Trading and Exporting of Cash Crops

We connect producers and users of cash crops around the globe through origination, trading and distribution. Our platform is where people within ghana and all over the world meet to trade in Ghanaian cash crops

We export in bulk, many cash crops. thanks to the constant quality & diversity of the products, we are nowadays a global player, meeting the demands of the consumers all over the world.

Planting of Trees and Reclamation

Promoting responsible, sustainable agricultural land use is a priority for Ayowa. We actively support farmers and farm communities, and do all we can to champion responsible land and water use. By innovating and implementing sustainable solutions that preserve our lands and support farming resiliency, we can help people and communities thrive for the long term.

Whenever forest is cleared to plant crops, carbon-intensive fertilizers are used, or food is transported over land and sea, more emissions are released into the atmosphere. Ayowa engages in minimising emissions from farming, processing and transport and reclaiming lands by planting trees like paulownia which are fast growing trees on any soil type hence promoting afforestation. Every crop we grow is part of a much bigger, and often delicate, ecosystem we support people to use trees to improve the fertility of the soil and manage land in a way that helps them deal with the effects of the climate crisis. This helps keep the environment healthy and productive, for now, and for the future

Logistics and Consultancy Serivces

Agricultural consultancy services to industries, corporate bodies/institutions and small business. We engage in training & capacity building, environmental modelling in water, soil and ecosystem program, environmental monitoring training. Encourage the youth to go into agribusiness and provide seed capitals to support them start such businesses in Ghana.

Our logistics involves things like transportation, inventory, packaging, supplies, social security and warehousing.