Ayowa Natural Resources and Agriculture Ltd. is a Ghanaian-owned company that was established in 2016 with a clear vision of becoming a major grower and investor in the competitive Agricultural Business. Our primary focus is on the trade of wood, fruits, and vegetable produce. With a strong commitment to sustainable practices and community development, we strive to create job opportunities for a large portion of the population while contributing to the growth of the agricultural sector in Ghana.

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maize farming

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teak  plANTATION

Grow Wealth with Teak Plantation! Invest in the future with sustainable teak farming. Experience superior returns and eco-friendly practices. Plant prosperity, reap rewards!

cashew nuts

Go Global with Cashew Nut Export! Savor the flavour of success with premium cashew nuts. Partner with us for top-quality sourcing and international reach. Export excellence, taste the difference!

palmnut kernel

Unlock the Richness of Palmnut Kernel Trading! Discover premium quality palmnut kernels for your culinary delights. Join us now and savor the essence of authentic African cuisine. Taste the difference, order today!

coconut  farm

Grow with Nature's Bounty! Embrace Coconut Farming & Export.

Harness the tropical goodness of coconuts. Partner with us for sustainable growth and premium quality exports. Seize the opportunity, plant prosperity today!

shea nut butter 

Taste the Pure Essence of Africa! Experience Premium Shea Nut Butter Exports. Indulge in natural beauty and wellness. Embrace our ethical sourcing and nourish your skin with the finest shea nut butter. Elevate your self-care routine now!

Paulownia Tree

Introducing Paulownia tomentosa

The Empress Tree is native to China and is named after Princess Anna Paulowna of Russia. This deciduous tree belongs to the Paulowniaceae family and is renowned for its rapid growth and stunning aesthetics. In spring, the Paulownia tomentosa is adorned with breathtaking lavender-blue trumpet-shaped flowers that create a stunning spectacle. The tree's large, heart-shaped, and velvety leaves further add to its charm, making it a favourite among landscapers and garden enthusiasts worldwide.