Ayowa Natural Resources & Agriculture Ltd

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At Ayowa Natural Resources, we take great pride in our commitment to agricultural excellence and diversified natural resource management. Our farm, strategically located in Nkawie, Ashanti Region, Ghana, boasts vast fertile lands that allow us to carry out mass production of agricultural goods. We specialize in cultivating cash crops and food crops, ensuring the highest quality of produce.

In addition to our agricultural endeavors, we have expanded our portfolio to include gold trading and mining. This strategic move allows us to leverage Ghana's rich mineral resources, contributing to the nation's mining sector and creating new avenues for growth and development.

Our company operates with a dual purpose – catering to local consumption needs and making a significant contribution to the international market. By exporting bulk quantities of agricultural produce and gold, we generate foreign exchange earnings that benefit both our company and the nation's economy.

By integrating gold trading and mining into our operations, Ayowa Natural Resources aims to solidify its position as a key player in both the agricultural and mining sectors, driving sustainable economic development and maximizing our impact on both local and global markets.

Wood Trade

We deal in a wide variety of high-quality wood products, catering to diverse industries and requirements.

Fruit Produce 

Ayowa offers a delectable range of fresh and nutritious fruits sourced from our well-maintained orchards.

Vegetable Produce

Our vegetable produce is cultivated using the best agricultural practices, ensuring freshness and nutritional value.

Paulownia Tomentosa

Introducing Paulownia tomentosa

The Empress Tree is native to China and is named after Princess Anna Paulowna of Russia. This deciduous tree belongs to the Paulowniaceae family and is renowned for its rapid growth and stunning aesthetics. In spring, the Paulownia tomentosa is adorned with breathtaking lavender-blue trumpet-shaped flowers that create a stunning spectacle. The tree's large, heart-shaped, and velvety leaves further add to its charm, making it a favourite among landscapers and garden enthusiasts worldwide.



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teak  plANTATION

cashew nuts

palmnut kernel

coconut  farm

sheanuts butter 

Ayowa Natural Resources and Agriculture Ltd is more than just a company; it is a collective dream of sustainable mining and agricultural growth, economic development, and community upliftment. We continue to pursue our vision with passion and dedication, always seeking to make a positive impact on Ghana's mining and agricultural landscape while contributing to the well-being of its people. Together, we build a better future for Ghana and beyond.